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Title: Getting Warmed Up
Pairing: Tim Drake/Michael Holt aka Robin III/Mr. Terrific II
Rating: NC-17, totally
Warnings: Masturbation, fetishizing Mr. Terrific's jacket >:D Don't try to tell me you haven't done it >:O
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Word Count: 2000 ish
Author's Notes: darthbatgirl has encouraged me not to be ashamed of my love for Tim/Michael. I ship them and will not be made to feel badly for it. >:O

Getting Warmed Up

Water ran down the back of Tim’s neck and he shivered slightly in the chill air. He gave his uniform top and cape a forlorn look, but he knew he’d be even colder in the sopping wet fabric. He sighed and wrapped his arms around himself before walking slowly over to the other end of the dock where three police officers and Mr. Terrific stood. Michael eyed him with amusement and pity as he walked over to them. He probably made quite a sight.

Tim stood next to Michael and stared as two of the cops ushered the smugglers into the paddy wagon. “Tell me again why it was me that had to jump in after the guy who tried to make a break for it by sea?” Tim asked bitterly.

Michael laughed, “You’re the new guy. Besides, I’m wearing leather.”

Tim cut his eyes to Michael and gazed longingly at the jacket. It looked warm. It was probably lined with some type of flannel and retained heat almost as well as his cape. Almost.

Tim had been accepted into the JLA a little over two weeks ago and this was his first official mission. As he read over the background reports that Martian Manhunter had given him, he decided that the mission would be a cake walk. It was a simple smuggling operation, the likes of which Tim had been taking care of since before he hit puberty.

It wasn’t until he finished the preliminary reports that he read through the objectives and realized that he was paired up with Mr. Terrific for this mission. Tim was a little concerned about how the two of them would mesh, given that they had never worked together previously.

Team-ups were a tricky thing, you never knew how they would work out until everything was all over and the dust had settled. Even if the mission went off without a hitch, as Tim suspected it would with the two of them on the job, there was no guarantee that he and Terrific would get along in any capacity.

Tim went to their first meeting together with no small amount of trepidation. He walked into the conference room with any and all preconceived notions as to how this whole thing would play out firmly shoved from his head. He walked in expecting professionalism. He walked in expecting a challenge. He walked in expecting the worst.

What he didn’t expect was the hot feeling that shot through his belly and groin at the sight of Mr. Terrific hunched over some paper work.

It turned out that his pictures most certainly did not do the man justice.

Mr. Terrific’s face was beautiful. He had an expressive mouth and the line of his jaw was perfect. He was tall and broad shouldered and thickly muscled in all the right places. His hands were large and broad and the first thought Tim ever had about his new partner was whether or not those hands would be gentle or firm as they pinned Tim’s arms over his head while Mr. Terrific fucked him.

Tim’s libido had been somewhat dormant since everything in his life went to hell. It was difficult to get serious about wanting to screw someone when you couldn’t decide if you wanted to get out of bed in the morning. He had worried about his lack of interest in anything sexual until one day, after hearing Dick pester him endlessly about his lack of interest in dating, Babs told him not to worry about thing and that his libido would resurface when it was good and ready.

Apparently, it was good and ready.

The meeting went well after Tim forced himself to focus on the task at hand and their planning was perfection itself. Tim would say that things had played out exactly as they should if he hadn’t had to go fishing for one of their suspects a few minutes ago.

It was early autumn and Tim was having a hard time controlling his shivering so he walked a good forty yards from where the police had congregated and let Mr. Terrific do all the talking. The police were reluctant to take such a young hero seriously on a good day. Tim wasn’t eager to try his luck half naked, sopping wet and nearly incoherent from chattering teeth.

He wrapped his arms as tightly around himself as he could manage and clenched his teeth in an effort to keep them from clattering against each other. He was watching the last of the smugglers get loaded into the paddy wagon when Mr. Terrific walked over to him with a pitying smile.

“Little cold, kid?” he asked teasingly.

Tim had never before encountered a person that he was still monstrously attracted to even when they were teasing him. The guy was rubbing in the fact that he was half naked and shivering in public and all Tim could think about was how badly he wanted to kick the guy’s knees out so he could get that smirking mouth low enough for him to bite at.

Tim swallowed hard.

“Not at all,” he bit out in what he hoped was a caustic tone.

Mr. Terrific’s smile softened a bit and leaned against the wall next to Tim.

“We made a good team tonight,” he offered casually. “We should make this a habit. It’s nice to work with a guy who thinks a long the same lines as I do. Less conflict.”

“I agree, it really is difficult to convince the heavy hitters that sometimes a little finesse is all you need. Only…” Tim trailed off significantly.

“Yeah?” Mr. Terrific asked, raising an eyebrow under his nanite mask.

“Only next time you take the dive into the disgusting harbor water. Deal?”

Mr. Terrific threw his head back and laughed and Tim drank in the sight. The hot roiling feeling in the pit of his stomach, which was in constant presence when Tim was around Mr. Terrific, jumped at the image of full smiling lips and flashing teeth.

Tim made himself look away and focus on the harbor for a few minutes. He had no idea how he could be shivering on the outside but white hot inside. He was twenty seconds and one dirty thought away from a serious erection.

Tim was going through a few simple relaxation techniques when something heavy and warm dropped over his shoulders. He looked up to see a fond smile on Mr.Terrific’s face.

“Superman will be transporting down in a few minutes. You can head back up then. You can shower and get warmed up. I’ll catch up with you later for the debriefing. We’ll need to talk to Martian Manhunter and give him the status report together. Sound good?” he asked gently.

Tim nodded and was patted on the back before Mr. Terrific headed back over to the cops. Tim tried hard not to stare at the swell of Terrific’s shoulder muscles under the tight black shirt he wore, but it was impossible.

The coat was still warm from the body heat that must have radiated off of those strong shoulders. Five seconds and more than a few dirty thoughts later, Tim was cursing his jock strap and mentally willing Superman to hurry up. When he got the call for the transporter, he was so relieved that his knees went a little weak.

When he materialized in the transporter room, the only thought he could spare while he rushed out of the room and down the hall to the bedroom he shared with Batman, was that he was glad the coat was long enough to hide what felt like a massive erection. Tim’s breathing was sharp and jerky as punched in the key code to Bruce’s room and slipped inside.

He took about two seconds to ascertain that Bruce was nowhere in residence and then he punched in the code for the privacy lock. Tim pushed his wet tights as far down his thighs as possible, while he stumbled over to the bed and fell on it heavily. He let out his breath in a hiss and he took his cock into his chilled hands and just squeezed.

Tim took a deep breath in and opened his eyes, glancing down his body, lying sideways on the small bed in the corner of the room. His cock was hard and purple at the tip where it lay framed by the edges of Mr. Terrific’s coat. The words ‘Fair Play’ crumpled as they played across Tim’s outstretched arm. The cuff of the jacket rubbed roughly against the tip of Tim’s dick at the slightest movement of his hand.

Tim felt like his heart would pound through his chest at any moment and that roiling heat in the pit of his stomach that had been plaguing him for hours engulfed his whole being and he could feel himself flush all over under Mr. Terrific’s jacket.

He could smell the man all around him. It was like the scent that lingered in the leather jacket had permeated the air and been absorbed into Tim’s skin. He pressed his face into the collar of the coat and inhaled deeply. Man sweat, leather and expensive aftershave.

Tim couldn’t help but let out a small whimper and his hips jerked up involuntarily as he thrust up into his own fist. The cuff of the coat was abrasive on the delicate skin of the inside of Tim’s wrists and with every movement of Tim’s hand over his cock the leather rubbed against stomach and chest.

Tim moved his fist slowly up and down his over sensitive cock, reveling in each sensation as he imagined Mr. Terrific’s smiling face. He pictured those full lips and white teeth. He pictured those strong shoulders and the tight V of his waist.

Tim imagined that mouth twisted into a grimace of pleasure. He imagined those shoulders and that chest, bare and naked under his fingers. Tim imagined slipping those pants down over Mr. Terrific’s hips and taking his cock into his mouth.

Tim’s wet tights were pushed halfway down his thighs and kept him from spreading his legs the way he wanted to, but Tim didn’t care. He just gripped the bed clothes with his free hand and arched his hips off of the bed into his tightly clenched fist.

Visions of hot, dark skin and smirking wet lips flashed across Tim’s mind as he convulsed with orgasm. Hot cum splattered across his chest and belly as his cock jerked in his hand.

Tim lay gasping for a few moments, feeling utterly boneless and relaxed for the first time since he got this mission.

When he communicator chirruped he flicked it open lazily.

“Robin,” he said into the receiver.

There was a pause before Mr. Terrific’s voice came on over the line. “You sound better. Get warmed up?”

“Mmmm, you could say that. I’m most certainly feeling better,” Tim answered lazily as he reached for some tissues to wipe the small spots of his come that had splattered on Mr. Terrific’s jacket.

“Great. I’ll meet you in twenty for the debriefing. Don’t forget my jacket,” Mr. Terrific reminded him.

Tim slipped the jacket off over his shoulders and smelled it. It smelled like both of them.

Tim smiled, “I won’t forget it, I promise.”


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Sep. 11th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
*falls over*

Sep. 11th, 2008 09:12 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it. Turns out, almost no one ships Tim/Michael. Outrageous >:O
Sep. 11th, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)
Wonderful job Bek. Tim and Micheal are wonderful all hot and sexy.

And yes Micheal, Tim's nice and warm now. LOL>
Sep. 11th, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
Do you think Michael knew what Tim was up to, or was he oblivious?
Sep. 12th, 2008 12:00 am (UTC)
Hmm, maybe oblivious? (I thought it was so sweet and Micheal was being such a gentlemen to give Tim his jacket.) But I don't think he'll mind at all when he finds out.

Bet Michael will want to warm up Tim in a whole other way.
Jul. 25th, 2009 01:53 am (UTC)
His hands were large and broad and the first thought Tim ever had about his new partner was whether or not those hands would be gentle or firm as they pinned Tim’s arms over his head while Mr. Terrific fucked him.

So Tim is clearly just an unabashed slut for Mr. Terrific. There must be sex pollen sewn into the jacket. O.O

...while he rushed out of the room and down the hall to the bedroom he shared with Batman...

Awww. Completely apart from yet more bold defilement, it's so cute to think of Timmy as a new JLA member, bunked together with Batman. :)
Jul. 25th, 2009 03:18 am (UTC)
Completely apart from yet more bold defilement

This is the quote of the night and made me laugh really hard. :DDD

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