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Fic:Untitled; Tim/Kon; R

Title: Untitled
Author: Aravis Tarkheena
Pairing: Kon/Tim, sorta… It’s complicated.
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions boysex. Angst.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Word count: 3500
Author’s note: It’s possible this makes me a bad person. I'm not sure if I like it.

Things had all gone according to plan until ‘Nilla broke position and allowed three of them to come up behind him. Then he started to internally panic a bit. His heart started to pound and his breath was coming short and quick as he tried to fight off five druggies and two dealers.

Just when he managed to take down three of druggies and turned to take down the dealer to his left, one of them men to his right brought a pipe down on his shoulder. Robin managed to shift his body and let the blow glance off, but it still hurt like hell and he dropped his bo. It skittered across the alley.

Robin leapt into a roll and grabbed his bo on the way up, the two men left standing started after him only to thrown against the wall by a blur of blue and red.

Superman had the last two men unconscious and was tying up the ones Robin had taken out, before what happened registered in Robin’s head. Just as Superman threw the last of his bound assailants to the ground, at this point all of the ones that were conscious were staring wide eyed at the Man of Steel, he rushed over to Robin.

“Robbie! Are you ok? I head your heartbeat and breathing and they were so fast, then I heard you shout like you were hurt! I just had to—I had to—“ Here Superman, who was sounding distinctly un-Supermanly, reached out to gently touch Robin’s shoulder. “Are you ok, man?”

Ok, so here was the thing, Robin had never been Superman’s biggest fan. His hypocrisy and brash nature just rubbed Robin the wrong way from day one. After getting to know Kon and seeing how Superman treated him, Robin’s dislike of the man increased exponentially. Since Kon’s death, Robin could hardly bare to be in the same room as Superman.

The last time they had seen each other in person was when Superman declared that he was going to bury Kon in Smallville. Tim had called him some choice names, punched him in the face, and stalked off.

So, Superman’s actions were not making much sense.

And he was looking at Robin. No, not just looking, examining with concern.

“Robin!” A voice shouted across the alley and Detective Harper strode up with wide eyes.

“Who’s this?” Superman asked, one brow lifted.

“This is Detective-- What the hell are you doing here?”

Superman’s face broke into a wide grin. “You swore! You swore in the Robin suit, man!” He cackled.

Jesus Christ.

“Listen Superman,” Robin hissed, too confused and too angry to keep his temper, “I don’t know what you think—“

“Superman? Robbie what are you—“ Then Superman stopped talking. The smirk melted from his face and his eyes went from amused to blank to confused in a matter of seconds. He blinked several times and looked down at Robin, eyes wide and uncomprehending. “What-- What am I doing here?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Robin made his voice go low and angry. Superman was looking at him and his eyes were a little worried.

“The last thing I remember was watching TV on the couch… How did I get here?”

Robin glanced around the alleyway and everyone was staring at Superman. While Robin did not particularly care for him, the rest of the world adored him and any news that Superman was not in his right mind would spread quickly with disastrous results. Time for damage control.

“Officer Harper, could you please take these guys into custody. I need to talk with Superman about his over-protectiveness…” He smiled a little at her and made sure his voice was pleasant. Then he walked over to Superman and offered him one of his hands.

“We need to talk.” He said and grabbed Superman’s hand and smiled at him tightly. “Let’s go.”


Robin had not flow like this since Kon died. It still felt amazing, even though it was Clark holding his hand and not Kon, Robin could not help but be reminded of all the times Kon had flown them off to some deserted beach in Hawaii to chill out and relax in the afternoons. It made Robin want to cry.

With a flat voice he directed Superman to the roof of a building he knew for a fact was in no way bugged by any member of the Superhero community. He checked it for bugs once a week and kept an eye on the spot. It was where he went to conduct business he felt it was better for Batman not to know about.

When the touched down Robin instantly spun to face Superman. “Tell me exactly what happened before you came here.”

Superman’s mouth tightened and Robin started to get the feeling that Superman was not his biggest fan either.

“I was sitting on the couch eating a sandwich and some chips for dinner. I was watching a documentary about something or other and the next thing I knew I was standing in front of you.”

“What kind of sandwich?”

“Tuna fish.”

“Was it past the sell by date?”

“I very much doubt I just had a severe black out because of a can of bad tuna.” Superman’s voice caustic.

“You’re an alien, who knows how you’re going to react to anything.”

Superman wanted to roll his eyes, Robin could tell. “The tuna was fine, my wife ate some before she left this afternoon.”

Robin nodded and considered other options. “Did you fight any villains today? Have a meeting with Luthor or something?”

“No, I stopped a bank robbery, but it was just some low level thug. I caught him at the same thing a couple of years ago. He’s an independent actor, doesn’t work for anyone but himself.”

Robin stopped to think.

“Did I say anything to you when I was—uh—acting strange?”

“You said you heard my heartbeat quicken.” Robin replied absently, still considering possibilities. Poison, mind control, brain sucking aliens…

“I don’t listen for your heartbeat.” Superman’s voice was almost defensive and Robin turned his head and cut his eyes to Superman’s.

“You don’t listen for my heartbeat?”

“I have no idea what it sounds like.”

“You called me Robbie.”

“Why would I do that?”

Robin could not answer.


“Kon—Kon used to call me that.”

Superman blinked. “I didn’t know.”

“I know you didn’t. He only called me that when we were alone, just messing around, never while we were working.”

Superman did not say anything.

“You don’t remember your thought processes while all of this was going on?” Robin asked, getting a little desperate to change the subject.

“Not at all. One minute I was on the couch eating potato chips and the next I was talking to you.”

“The whole thing… It seems almost like you were channeling Kon for a bit.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I don’t either. If you were anyone else I would say we should sit back and wait to see if it happens again. But with you being the most powerful being in the world, waiting for you to black out and do things against your nature again seems like an unwise decision.”

“How do we figure this out?”

“Perhaps if you scan yourself at the Fortress, make sure all of you is in working order. That seems like the logical place to begin.”

Superman looked at him as Robin dug into one of his pockets and took out an com link.

“You have two choices here, either I got with you the Fortress, or I listen in to make sure you don’t go crazy again.”

“You’re going to monitor me?” Superman started to hover and looked down at Robin with one eyebrow lifted in a superior expression.

“Yes. You could start channeling Booster Gold next, and no one wants that.”

Superman took the com link and left.


Tim was just finishing his reports for the night when his com link beeped. He closed out the program and answered.


“There is an anomaly in my brain waves.”

“An anomaly?”

“Areas of my brain that are usually inactive have become active.” Superman’s voice was tight.

Interesting… “Did the computer have any explanation for you?”

Superman sighed. “The brain waves… The brain waves that it monitored in the normally dormant parts of my brain match up with Kon’s brain waves.”

Tim’s attention sharpened. “How is that possible?”

“I don’t know.”

“What did the computer say?”

“The computer said that, because of our genetic similarity it is entirely possible that, in an effort to contact his loved ones Kon is attempting to communicate with you, from another dimension.”

Tim stomach dropped out and for a minute he couldn’t breathe. “Kon’s dead.”

“The computer said that if his brain waves are in my head, then he is alive. Most likely in another dimension, but possibly I’m just picking up whatever of his consciousness was left over after his death. His basic impulses.”

“What does that mean exactly.”

“It means the computer thinks it’s possible that Kon is alive and trying to find us. More specifically you.”

“How sure is it that he’s alive?”

“Eighty percent.”

“Is this you messing with me to get back at me for calling you names and punching you in the face?” Tim had to ask. He had to be sure this wasn’t a horrible joke.

“God, no! I wouldn’t do that.”

Tim mulled that over for a minute. “What are the chances we can find him?”

“Almost zero. The computer said it would be easier for him to find us. But it could take while.”

“How long?”

“Years maybe…”

Tim decided that it wouldn’t hurt to make some attempts of his own. He ran through the rest of the conversation on auto pilot, most of his mind devoted to coming up with ways to scan known dimensions for signs of Kon. He would have to have a conversation with Mr. Terrific.

“Let’s not tell Wonder Girl about this just yet.”

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to keep it from her?”

“Yes, I would be cruel to taunt her with something like this.”

“Is that what this is to you? A taunt? Not hope?” Superman’s voice was sharp and harsh.

“Hope is a taunt to the grief stricken.”

Superman was silent for a moment.

“So what about your brain? Are you going to keep channeling Kon?”

“Almost certainly.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I have no idea. I just hope I can figure out a solution before Lois gets home from her trip.”

“May I make a suggestion?”


“You’re clearly having impulse control problems so stay away from pretty blonde girls under the age of consent. On second thought, stay away from all girls.”

Superman sighed again. “I’ll do my best.”

Tim started at the familiar sound of his window sliding open, he had just gotten out of the shower and only had a loose towel slung around his waist. He was not expecting visitors. He turned towards the window and knew that he should not have been as surprised as he was when Superman man, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, climbed through his window.

“I didn’t know you moved back here again, man! I had to follow your heartbeat to find you. I came over to tell you about this dream I had about the two us…“ Superman’s voice was low and husky. “We were in my bed at the Tower and the whole thing is a little hazy but there was this one part I remember perfectly. It was the part where I pinned you to the bed the fingered you until you came…”

Uh oh.

Superman was smiling at Tim in with a very familiar smile. “You’re not wearing any clothing…” He whispered and the next thing Tim knew Superman was kissing him and maneuvering him towards the bed.

Bad. Very bad.

“Wait!” Tim pulled his mouth from Superman’s, trying to struggle away, but Superman was relentless. He kissed his way down Tim’s neck and Tim tried not to shiver and tried to keep thinking and reasoning with the other man. Then Superman bit him.

He bit him on the neck in the exact spot that Kon knew drove him wild.

Tim gasped, going utterly still and then bursting into action. He twisted out of Superman’s arms and jumped over the bed, putting the piece of furniture between them.

“Stop.” Tim’s voice was ragged and angry.

Superman’s face was full of confusion. “But you like it when I kiss you there…”

Tim’s voice came out in a hiss. “I like it when Kon kisses me there. You’re not Kon, Clark!” Tim was glaring and shaking a little as he watched realization wash over Superman’s face.

Superman swallowed hard and looked down at Tim, on the other side of the bed, with wide eyes.

“I guess it’s not just pretty girls I have to watch out for…”

“Guess not.” Tim bit out.

“I’m sorry…” Superman tried.

“Get out.” Tim’s voice was frigid and Superman did not even hesitate before he slipped out the window and left.


Several days went by and eventually Clark stopped blacking out whenever he had Kon-episodes. It started to seem more like there were two sides of himself. The Kon side and the Clark side.

It felt better to have a little more control over when he acted like Kon, and Superman did make concessions. He ate the food Kon liked, watched tv shows Kon liked and spent time with Robin. Robin seemed to bare up under it pretty well. Clark doubted Lois would have taken things so well.

Robin had been working with Mr. Terrific on a program they would input into the interdimensional transporter. It scanned each of the dimensions recorded for Kon’s life signs. It was almost up and active.

The close it the program came to completion the happier Robin seemed. Seeing him like this, open and smiling occasionally, Clark could understand why Kon had fallen in love with him.

When Clark started ‘remembering’ some Kon’s memories, the ones about Robin were slightly disconcerting. Remembering making love to a person who you have never made love to was an unusual experience. But the more he remembered and the more the Clark part of him learned about Robin, the more he understood Robin’s temperament and actions.

Spending time with Robin to appease his Kon-self became a mush less odious task, and Robin seemed warm to him.

“So,” Superman asked as he watched Robin working on his program. “What happens when this thing is ready?”

“We find Kon, and then Dr. McCoy all the remains is to figure out how to perform fal-tor-pan.” Robin seemed almost cheerful.

“What is that?”

Robin smirked with just one side of his mouth and said airily, “Oh never mind, Clark.”

Clark had believed that he could think ‘Wanda the Werewolf Stalker is so awesome!’ only so many times, but clearly he was wrong. Three hours into a ‘Stalker DVD Marathon and Clark was still enthralled. Wanda really was awesome.

Clark had mostly learned to control the Kon-impulses by the time Lois got home, but he still liked to indulge himself sometimes. The DVD marathon was an indulgence.

He was so preoccupied that when Tim quietly crept into the darkening room to sit down beside him, he barely acknowledged his best friend, just handed him a can of Zesti and turned up the volume. That was until the credits rolled on the last episode of the disc and Clark turned excitedly to proclaim once again how awesome his hero was only to find Tim looking at him intently.

It had been six weeks since the program started running, and there had been no sign of Kon. Tim’s mood seemed to fall towards hopelessness and depression more and more each day with no sign of Kon.

Tim’s blue eyes were dark and serious and his pupils were dilated in the darkened living room. Part of him, the Kon part, was reassured to see those familiar eyes and that same part knew instinctively that the look in those eyes and on that face was Tim’s Deep Thought look, and pretty soon all their problems would be solved. The other part, the Clark part, was surprised to realize that Robin’s eyes were blue. He had never seen that face unmasked before and he was disconcerted. The Clark part of him thought that no one so young should have eyes so serious, but the Kon part knew exactly why those eyes were serious and took comfort in it.

Though the intensity of that gaze was making both parts of his consciousness nervous. He did not know whether or not to be relived when Tim broke the gaze and shifted foreword a little on the couch, he lifted a hand and rested it against Clark’s chest. When he spoke, his voice was low and unfamiliar to them both.

“What if this,” And Tim pressed his palm more firmly against Clark’s chest at the word, “is the closest I’ll ever get to having you again?”

Clark wasn’t sure what to say, he wasn’t sure what to do and he felt like his whole body was paralyzed as Tim swung himself gracefully into Clark’s lap, straddling him. They were face to face, mouths only inches apart and the Clark part of Clark was thinking ‘no no no no’ while the Kon part of Clark was thinking ‘oh god yes I hope he lets me finger him until he comes.’ So Clark was barely paying attention when Tim continued.

“What would it be like to only have you like this?” The pain in Tim’s voice got Clark’s mind out of the gutter, it sounded like he would choke on the words as he spoke. “What would it be like to make love to you in a stranger’s body? To kiss a stranger’s mouth, to feel a stranger’s skin. To smell a stranger, and not you, when you come…” Tim hands were running all over Clark’s body, cupping his chin, caressing his shoulders, feeling his chest and hair and face.

There was a tightness around his mouth that the Kon part of him recognized as Tim-near-tears and Clark felt like his belly was dropping out. Tim leaned forward and their mouths were only centimeters apart.

“I think… I think I could do it just to… just to… have you again.”

Then Clark felt the faintest brush of soft wet lips against his. The kiss was so delicate, so tentative and so full of sex and promise that Clark had a hard time breathing. He couldn’t do this. It was wrong. He wasn’t Kon and Tim wanted Kon and Tim wasn’t even eighteen yet. He couldn’t do this.

“Tim—“ He tried for a firm voice, a Superman voice, and was mostly vindicated. Tim’s eyes cut sharply to Clark’s and Clark tried again. “Tim I’m Clark, not Kon. Clark.”

Tim sat back and Clark tried not to sigh in relief. Tim’s eyes were hard, the hard that Clark was used to but Kon was not. It made his heart break a little to see that look directed at him. Tim startled him by speaking abruptly.

“Kon or Clark,” He hissed, pain and scorn both clear in his voice, “you’re still hard for me.”

Then Tim spun and removed himself from Clark’s lap with more grace than Clark could have ever managed.

Clark watched him walk out the door of his apartment and tried not to think of the insistent ache of his cock. One thing that Superman had learned over the past few weeks, was that when Robin was right, he was right.


Tim sat in front of his computer watching as the word ‘Negative’ flashed across the screen over and over again.

The computer said it was a long shot, that he might not be able to find Kon, but he knew he had to try.

So he would sit and wait and watch the screen until he found Kon or Kon found him.


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Dec. 31st, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
Oh Timmy! I just want to hug him close, the poor kid. And Clark isn't doing much better. Very hurty and wonderfully done as always.
Jan. 7th, 2008 05:13 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Poor Timmy. :(
Dec. 31st, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
Oh this was brilliant! "hugs all three boys" Poor Tim and Kon trying to find each other and Clark put in the middle. Wonderful job showing how Clark and Tim build a relationship with each other.

Wonderful, wonderful job.
Jan. 7th, 2008 05:13 am (UTC)
I love the Tim and Kon trying to find each other idea. They need to be together!
Jan. 6th, 2008 10:05 am (UTC)
Excellent writing here! *hugz Timmy* That poor boy will never get past some things.
Jan. 7th, 2008 05:14 am (UTC)
He's a little too obsessive for it. :( I'm glad you enjoyed the fic.
Jan. 8th, 2008 04:59 am (UTC)
Ow. Ow ow ow. This has got to be the worst kind of hope. So close, and yet so far - unless you want to betray both yourself and your lover.


Also, your journal title works well as a title for this story.

Also, also - sequel? Pleeeeease?
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